JKC Insurance


Our policies provide the peace of mind for our customers that in the unlikely event that things go wrong an insurance is in place to rectify the problem. We have a number of insurance policies bespoke to Japanese Knotweed Control Ltd which provide comprehensive cover for the work we undertake.


Our insurance is specific for the treatment of non–native plant species including Japanese knotweed. Unlike other standard insurance our policies cover the works that we undertake in our treatment programs and covers structural damage as well as the standard policy cover. We were the first company over a decade ago to work with the only syndicate at Lloyds that would undertake the risk for the specialist works for the treatment of non-native plant species and wrote a bespoke policy for our needs.


We work closely with our brokers and insurers and they know our business. We feel comfortable that our customers can rely on our insurance to give total peace of mind, but we are adaptable and if you have specific requirements for your project, please let us know and we will provide this cover for you.

INNSA Warranty Insurance.

As part of our membership of the Invasive Non-native Specialist Association, we offer an independent insurance backed warranty cover to all our customers. This policy covers the warranty period of treatment works for up to 10 years and may be extended. The INNSA policy is offered as an extension to our already comprehensive insurance package. If JKC were unable to meet its obligation to carry out any warrantied work due to the business ceasing trading, then a claim can be made under this cover for works to be completed by an alternative approved contractor.




All the work undertaken by JKC is covered by a warranty of works which is included within the total cost and not an extra. The warranty starts when the site is signed off as free from the infestation and in the unlikely event that any re-growth occurs, JKC will carry out the remediation free of charge. **

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