Lankro Way | Manchester Ship Canal

The Challenge

Capita Symonds, acting on behalf of the Peel Group,requested treatment of Japanese knotweed on land that was due to be developed on within twelve months.
The limitations on the possible treatments came from the tight schedule of works proposed and the need to keep the cost of treatment as low as possible.
In order to satisfy both of these requirements, Japanese Knotweed Control decided to use the stem injection method of treatment to eradicate the infestations on the proposed development land.

The Solution

Using state of the art stem injection equipment allowed Japanese Knotweed Control to ensure that treatment could be carried out no matter what the weather and so stick to the timeframe of work.
Compared to other methods of treatment such as spraying, which cannot be carried out in rainy or windy conditions, adverse weather rarely affects stem injection treatment schedules.

Treatment was carried out and completed over a period of three weeks in July and complete eradication was achieved by September the same year.

Unfortunately for the investor, development plans were halted and no work has been done as yet. Japanese Knotweed Control has returned to the site year on year to check for re-growth as part of the guarantee that is issued to each site. The site has remained completely clear of infestations since our initial treatment over three years ago – proving that successful and cost – effective treatment can be offered within a short timeframe.

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