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We offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective and ecologically-sound solutions for eradicating Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam and many other invasive plants. This is all supported by our UNIQUE 10 YEAR WARRANTY  backed by Lloyds of London Insurance, this unique warranty covers structural damage so you have peace of mind by being fully covered. Our founder membership of INNSA demonstrates that we meet the highest standards in the industry.

As the leaders in the removal of invasive plants, our range of eradication treatments include; excavation, dig and dump, on-site burial, soil-sifting and our own innovative stem injection process, widely considered the most effective and environmentally-friendly treatment method.

As the UK’s leading specialist in Japanese Knotweed Control we have continued to campaign for improved standards, regulations, training and qualifications throughout the industry. Leading by example, we were founder members of INNSA the industry standard and are the only specific weed control company to have the UKAS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard, including National Highways Sector Schemes Sector 18 and UKAS ISO 14001 management system through the British Standards Institute which is recognised worldwide across 178 countries.

We have an impressive portfolio of public and private sector clients throughout the UK, as we continually strive to not only deliver the most effective eradication success, but set the standard for best practice across our treatment industry.

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Identify Japanese Knotweed

Within this app are several ‘tools’ if you are worried that you might have a Japanese Knotweed infestation. Within the identify section are descriptions of the weed at various points of the year, along with close up images of what it looks like at these times.

And if you are worried that you might have an infestation that use the ‘Do I Have Japanese Knotweed’ button to get in touch with us. You can simply enter a few details so that we can contact you with our opinion, then using your device’s camera take a photo of the plant and email that to us. The form will also capture your GPS co-ordinates, which will give us more information about how likely it is that the plant is Japanese Knotweed.

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